When the wind took our white knuckle fears, rapscallions of the air, nurtured on the updrafts, while stole away we lay in an aft cargo bay, living on rationed water and taro root, pistols at the ready to deliver these links.

Dmitry Vishnevsky – Amazing set of environments and plenty process videos that shows you the process he uses for his various workflows.

Dues Ex – Square Enix makes some of the best RPG’s. Dues Ex in the near future of augmented humans looks no less awesome. More sweet visuals on the site.

Retro logo how-to – Create a retro logo in Adobe Illustrator. Cool background blur but best tips are on the logo bit.

Indie IRL – The ZORB ball is surely fun if you’re inside, but try escaping its decent down a grassy New Zealand hillside.

Nike Training – Minimal GIF animations that show the basic position and posture for your most common/effective exercises.

Painting Light – Whether digital or traditional artwork, there are a few tricks that, when you know them, will help you use light in your visuals more effectively.

Mune – Trailer for the animated film where a clumsy little fella becomes guardian of the moon, and looses it.

Sciborminiatures – These are miniature clay sculpts mind you. Incredible detail and also available for purchase.

The Road – New one from ALB. Animated, kinda cool, kinda trippy, jazzy electro-beat.


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