Paint peeled off the surface of its metal shell. With each footfall the blades of oat grass folded flat against the ground. And in the roots we waited. Shaken, but not unaware. Burned, but not lacking. Swinging out, heels of the charred beast visible, we fired these links.

Michelle Muldrow – Department stores, Grocery isles, the modern landscape, the ‘Cathedrals of Desire’. A much better visual of where we get.
The Johnny Cash Project – This really deserves its own post. Interactive compilation of cash inspired sketches put to the music of the man in black. So awesome.
Making Wrath of the Titans – an interesting look into the making of the sequel with visuals and insight from the effects artists.
Seashell house – Just think, you could sell seashells by the seashore from the seaside solace of a seashell house.
Sound sculpture – Someone connecte 2000 sheets of cardboard together, added 200 DC motors with plastic strippys, then turned the motors on.


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