Now, when you find the bucket, you must do this. Jump in and out 5 times. At that moment, you’ll find yourself in a land of small shrubs, which smell of bread pudding and shoot these links into your eyebrows.

Tyler Edlin Mr. Edlin creates worlds. Worlds that play hopscotch with your subconscious and then have ice-tea on the porch. Thanks Rod!
Best Magazine Articles Ever – I’ve gotta admit, you start reading some of these and you can’t stop. Here’s the top 5 and the full list.
Shotty – A free tool to help take screenshots, even with the Windows Aero transparency on. Great options.
Free course on Processing and Arduino – Everybody’s doing it, except you. Here’s your chance to go geek and get some learnin’.
Longboarding down NZ hill – where you get up to 100 kph, semi’s are speeding by and your friend isn’t wearing shoes.
Leather iPad cover – 100 times cooler than all the shiny, plasticy covers and just about as affordable.
3D printed Clothing – The weave isn’t so tight, but FOC has a mind to make it happen. Process video to boot.


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