I found it! Right here under this bowl of oats of all places. Now how does something that furry end up under a bowl of oats. I think we need to have a talk with the committee and subject them to these links.

Industrial Decay – Who doesn’t love to see how things rot? Here’s the site for the best urban rot you’ll ever find.
Mecha Models and Art – Suit up, we’re going in. The Flickr Pool for Mecha freaks and geeks that is bound to have you stoked about robotic suits.
Star Wars Architecture Top Ten – Fine architectural examples from one side of the galaxy to the other.
DIY for Dad – Father’s Day. It’s Jue 21st. At the very least, you can send him these links and tell him to have fun.
10 Futuristic materials that actually exist – And yet there’s nothing that will keep your food at a constant temperature, except if you eat off the stove.
Organize your graphics – For Mac, but you can do the same stuff in Windows. Get your graphics (or other files) ship shape with a lil’ folder management.
World Sunlight Map – Cause sunlight is cool and seeing where it is right now is way cool.


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