Tilted back amongst the reeds, the DAR Unit blinked. It was quiet. A deep vibration rippled through the water and ninety mechanical arms unfolded themselves from the unit pushing it toward these links.

Pascal Campion – His illustrations are crisp, clean, and tell an entire story in a single image. Simply beautiful.
Ramen Hack – Granted you have the time and inclination to go beyond the $0.39 meal that is Ramen.
Back to the future – What if you looked now, like you did then and took a photo to compare the years? This… is that.
Desktop Dumpster – The perfect gift for someone who has everything… on their desk. Even comes fully tagged. (Garbage truck sold separately.)
Make a PCB Fab Lab – This Instructable has double the pleasure. Create a Circuit Board lab and a rockin’ business card.
Transfer 8mm to Digital – This video shows how to do it, cheaply (besides the camera) and all in real-time.
172 Things …‘to do’ in order to increase your level of accomplishment. “Try Yodeling”? Check.


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