If I hadn’t gone there, who knows, I may have gotten a few more appendages, but I’m pretty happy with the one’s I have. These links certainly help.

Desktopia – Yeah, you can pretty much always go here from now on for cool backgrounds.
Upgrade your skill level in 24 hours – That’s darn quick, but these little tips work and your friends will be impressed.
Blurb.com – Make your own book. Download the software, slap in some pics and text, get it printed. That easy.
HippoPost – No more excuses for not writing a letter. Send a postage-paid, printed and customizable postcard to someone and do it all online.
The hundred push-up challenge – Who cares if you throw up, you’ll be doing a hundred push ups.
FotoViewr – Crazy slick gallery creation for your Flickr Photos. Mom will be impressed.

Got some cool links? Send ’em in!


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