“It’s been lying there for weeks.” That was the last they were expecting to hear. Not only had the colors of the speckled paint mongrel coated the edges and patterned indentations, they had seeped into every crevice of the deepest grain. Slicing through, we found it, the class-4 hue extrapolator powered by these links.

Gianmarco Magnani – Giclée prints of Gianmarco make for simply gorgeous illustration of future retro references.
30 Days – For Dan, as he sips his Whiskey. This is what happens at Whistler Bike Park, every summer, for 30 days.
LEGO Japan – The future skyline of the Japanese islands, a beautiful thing, especially when constructed with 1.8 million LEGO blocks.
Maniacal Movie laughs – Compilation of 100 maniacal movie laughs, just in time for Halloween. Your favorite?
Delete Twitter – An awesome case study on focusing your efforts toward what has greatest value for you.
How to eat a watermelon – Don’t listen to the Fork Cartel, listen to this guy. A beginner’g guide to the melon eating, with bonus banana eating.
Holes – A hole through a hole in a hole. How fast will it take for someone to model and print this up?


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