When you drive a car that fast into a wall of bananas flambé you’ve absolutely gotta remember to pull the e-brake before you caramelize into a sticky goo resembling these links.

Russ Schwenkler – He will amaze and astound you with the finest Vexel art this side of Carburetor county.
Snake Oil? – I take all of these, three times a day for the pure reason they can be put onto a chart like this.
Popular Science online for free – egad! and it’s searchable. Bring the kids in! It’s the future of hovercrafts from 1956!
Flying Hovercraft – Speaking of hovercraft, this Kiwi inventor made one… THAT FLIES!
Background Check Yourself – Turn yourself into a stalker of yourself, or a PI that’s on the hunt for your skeletons. Smart idea.
Old Spice Manmercials – Sometimes I like to smell like a punch or a dirty basement filled with grandpas.
Neighborhood Treasures – A Pictory Mag adventure of the neighborhood kind.


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