I throw yooooou! I throw you in some noodles! Bow before pooooower of my cast iron wok and these siiiiiiizling links. haay!

Ojofrito 3D – The crazy, cool 3D characters of Ojofrito. You should enjoy these and then draw one of your own to scare some children.
BMW vs Audi – Clever marketing? yes. Funny. yes yes.
ScaryGirl – A game… so scary…. it freagin’ COOL. filled with great 3D animation and flash awesomeness. Have fun.
Monster List of Freelance Job sites – Cause you’re thinking about it, but not sure where to start. Massive.
10 reason why Paper Rock Productivity – I love paper, except when it’s just laying around cluttering things. This list is mostly cool.
Depression Cooking – Savin’ cash by Cookin’ with 91 year old Claire on Youtube. Pasta and Peas. Delicious… had it last night.
Kyle Houchen’s Car Design – They’re tiny, they’re cool. 3D models of cars. oh yeah. Kyle’s got some skills and more.
Wisteria in Rome – It’s pretty. Go grow some on your Roman Ruins this weekend with the family.

Bonus! Japanese Video Roundup:
Giant Beetle Robot – Normal Japan Suburbia… until, woooowpa! giant robot beetle terror… with a cockpit and escape hatch too.
Modern Samurai – He slices, he dices, he will amaze you with his precision. Yes sensei
Japanese Tea Commercial – if you don’t laugh hysterically at this, you’re dead. Dang, my sides hurt. Drink your tea.


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