date-stamp-ideas.jpgOh boy! cheese balls! just lok at ’em all! Hands down, it’s the greatest type of ball on the face of the earth.

Date Stamps – A gallery of date stamps and resources? why didn’t you say so!! Good for scrapbooking, web or making your own calendar.
Ajax Periodic Table – You never know when you’ll need to know the atomic weight of Vanadium.
Netlicious – So you can organize all your bookmarks from your desktop. How organomical.
Twitxr – It’s a Tweet with pictures. what does this all mean.
Turn YouTube Video into ScreenSaver – Yes, a screensaver of your favorite crappy cat video. Actually it showS how to turn any flash movie into a screensaver.
SteamPunk – If you’ve wondered what Steampunk is, this gallery will give you the idea. How many punk sub-genres are there ya think?


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