I should say, at first, I tried standing up the better half of two days. It was only when I lost feeling in my neck and the bats started nibbling my eyelids that I turned to these links.

Magical Hyperspace Narwhal – I don’t care if it’s abstract. It’s 3D and wallpaper size so it’s cool to the 3rd power.
Neurosonics Audiomedical Laboratory – How do you drop the beat? This is one way. Requires a few heads that have rhythm. Sweet.
The Facebook Office – The only office where you can use Facebook all day, every day.
10 Resources for Job Hunters – Of course, there’s nothing as direct as ‘Administering Your Own Anesthesia’, but still, a good list.
Google Internet Stats – Google has a new site, that gives stats about the internet. I wonder how they do that.
13 Scientific Conundrums – Magnets, Lithium, Anti-mater and more. Surely there must be something that can explain all this oddity. Hmmm.
Ultimate Survival List – Preparing for Zombie plagues or succumbing to paranoia of any sort? This should help ya.

Bonus!: Word Stuff
Storybird – Create a story, with family or friend, then publish it.
Cheese of Font – Are you into cheese or Fonts? Really?
Writing a Cozy Mystery – No blood? Who would read that?
Books from Travel – Different books, from different cultures equal different styles.


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