It’s just that. The sauce bottles dropped to the floor, it flared it’s jowls and that’s when I decided I would replace my interest in bar-b-que with these links.

Jaime Jones – I’m loving this rough paint style. Jaime Jones has it going on with creatures, characters and more.
Field– This CG animation by selfburning uses a handful of CG effect for maximum coolness. Absolutely stunning.
Cascades – The ‘first official’ music video shot on the wee iPhone 4. Brilliantly post-processed in FCP.
Gakuranman – One of the most interesting photo essays I’ve read/seen. I must visit this island.
Instant Oil Spill – The gulf is full of oil, why not the internet? Spill oil across your favorite (or most hated) website. see.
Cardboard warfare – War… It’s vicious. getting bits of cardboard out of your skin, even more vicious.
Fotowall – An open source app that allows you to create wallpapers, print posters and way more.


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