They didn’t attack at first, but then Earl threw one of his gravy biscuits at’em and right after they made some real weird screeching noises, they devoured all these links.

Dale Mathis Gear Sculpture – Yes, you too can make gear sculpture, but not like this guy.
101 Photoshop Tip in Five Minutes – Try to keep up. A lot of shortcuts you may know, but all the basics you need to know.
100 Personal Branding Tactics – Chris Brogan breaks down building rep via social media in a hundred common sense steps.
10+ Free Magazine Style Wordpress Themes – Great for your kids new summer blog project or if you want to spiffy up your own site.
11 Tenets for Maximum Profitability in 3 months – Eat it, breathe it, take it all in and chewww on these crispy success nuggets for a while.
How is Tech Changing the World in D.C. – Scoble makes the trips, see the sights and what’s changing. Interesting conversation in the comments.


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