yofikus-3d-illustrationWell it might as well be tied down and torn in two. How else do you expect me to reattach it when the legs just keep poppin’ off with an unbridled fury of these here links.

youfikus portfolio – The name says it all. It’s yofik-errific 3D illustration with a bunch o’ color.
Toshiba TimeSculpture – If you watched this on the wall in the conference room while screaming – That would be fun.
UberView – For you socialites that comment on blogs, twitter and friendfeed, this may be the next cool thang.
Loopt – Get all cozy, socially via your web-enabled phone. I’ll join you soon.
One-Minute languages – Yes, language arts in one-minute.. piled together to help you learn how to mispronounce ロボット電気プラグ
Spoonflower – You know you’ve always wanted to print custom fabric. Now you can! Even fabric of your old shoe photos.
OpenGoo – If you happened to write an article about online project management, this cool program might show up right after it’s published.


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