The timber was cold. All around stood the frozen furbunny army of the first war, some caught mid-stride. Others caught, as if, warming their hands by the icy ashes of a darkened fire. Surely, no one would ever again underestimate what runs through the veins of these links.

Andrew Bell – A special treat this week. One of my favorite of favorite artists. Pages and pages of wonderful creatures with some paintings, plushes and sculpts as well.
History of Typography – Stop-motion goodness on the history of type from Roman type to Futura, Serif to Sans, with some explanation on their characteristics.
Ghost – The new blogging platform being funded through Kickstarter. Just a blogging platform. This is cool stuff folks. Check it out. Back it up.
Bag & Panniers – Mother’s day is coming up. Why not a nice tote, handlebar bag or pannier for their bicycle?
Laser vs balloon – What fun are lasers if you can use them to pop 100 black balloons then watch it happen in reverse?
Iconic Furniture – A short guide to iconic furniture of the last century. Nice, neat, but would like to see more in it.
Baku Parkour – Ryan Doyle teams up with Red Bull in this quest to find his own seven wonders of the world.
Iron Man remix – 1, 2, 3, kick it. A proper industrial mix of the three Iron Man movies by Mike Relm with visuals as good as the audio.


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