Dimly lit and and starkly grand, the peanut thief perched atop my hand. “Where will we go?” Its wings would say, like two old ladies pining away. Pining away for better days and sweet rum raisins that hold these links.

Giampaolo Miraglia – It’s geometric illustration taken to another level. The level of awesome captured in scenes of intense color and drama.
665sf – How a 665 sq ft house can look refined and stylish. Great images and ideas on small living spaces.
Sad Cat – Dear diary, the authorities have had enough of my endless shedding and are having me shaved. Ze Frank goodness. Also see Teddy. Thanks Simon!
Double Prime – Prime number are fascinating. Double prime even more so. Yitang Zhang, unknown till now, bridged the gap by tweaking the sieve.
Eruption – This will either inspire you to never play guitar or inspire you to start a Van Halen cover band with a 14 year old girl named Tina on lead guitar.
Oragami impresso – From beetles and birds to horses and dinosaurs, the amazing, detailed paper folding of Matthieu Georger.
Big gas – Gotta hand it to Kmart. Their new commercials on shipping your pants and big gas savings are quite comical.
13 Lessons – From the father of advertising, David Ogilvy, with much application to the creative process, getting things done and branding yourself.
Lost in Peru – Get outside. Peru is nice. Take your bike. Up the mountain. Take your GoPro. Hold on tight.
LEGO X-Wing – It’s 11 feet tall with a wingspan of 44 feet and made of 5,335,200 LEGO bricks, weighs 46,000 pounds and even comes with R2 in the cockpit.
Magma – Animated music video by Dvein create for The Vein’s new single. You will want to catch the making of as well.


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