The table seams, seemed long and daunting, haunting the memory of a wooden beast, least you forget that is was but any beast, but a beast made of yeast and discarded parts, darts and such items that you wouldn’t toss into the kitchen sink, down the disposal where you grind up these links.

Sebastien Hue – Crazy massive space and planet landscapes and scenes in these illustration, mattes and other digital works metal rocker and photomanipulator Sebastian Shue.
7-yr maze – There is hardly anything I would spend seven years drawing, unlike this man who spent them drawing an insanely complex, very cool maze.
Horizon – We feature quite a few concept and matte painting artist on the Friday Smackdown, this is the process of Mickaël Forrett.
Speed painter – I love showing this to people for the first time. Hopefully you’ll have the same reaction to what D. Westry creates.
The art of illustration – PBS Digital studios takes a look at illustration, the different types and gets insight from those in the know.
Designing for the modern web – Rules and tools for the picky pixel to help meet our interactive expectations on the web, be it mobile or otherwise.
And God Created an Ad Person – Arik Sokol breaks it down Not-Paul-Harvey style on this parody of the Ram truck Super Bowl ad.
Glitch Stop – Even if you don’t like Glitch/Dub-step, you’ve got to see the moves these two put to the skip, hum, buzz of the breaks and beats. Thanks Mr. Jeff Waters!
Etch-a-Sketch – R.I.P. André Cassagnes, inventor of the Etch A Sketch.


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