The gaff-rigged dory rocked calmly in the quiet waters, but the sound that came from the deep wasn’t familiar. Neither were the tentacles coming over the side. They were after one thing… a cod sandwich, wrapped in lettuce and smelling strongly of these links.

Erik Desmazières – His surreal, geometric style print work is not only amazing, it’s flamazing… like flames of amazing.
Google Body Browser – Browse the human body like Google Earth. You’ll need a super modern browser with WebGL support to experience.
World Lens – Speaking of browsing brilliance, why not have words you view through a camera-phone automatically translated. Welcome the future.
Google Docs Animation – I’m sick of Google with their body browsing, but I don’t mind people who do cool stuff with their Docs program.
Free WordPress Theme for Portfolios and Journals – It’s slick, clean, widget-ready and works with WordPress 3.0+.
Mas Guapo – Spicy… and it comes with a free ‘stache.
Olly Moss Star Wars – New reimagining from illustrative master Moss.

Bonus! Sweet Tools!
PDF Unlock – Remove PDF restrictions.
SVG Edit – edit those SVG files.


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