It was a noise we hadn’t heard before. A dull whirring with giggly snaps. Then it stopped, we pealed the membrane off and all we saw were these links.

Hodings – Hodong La’s has the best idea for a floating castle yet, plus more CG to become completely absorbed in.
13 Words not found in English – of course they forgot the Hungarian word for pounding leather against the side of a feral hog, whatever that is.
Ditch 800+ Pound of Clutter – Nothing some gasoline and a match can’t make quick work of… Ok, here’s the unfun alternative.
Samurai Slicer! – You’ve seen him before, but here he is last week, slicing a baseball with his samurai action.
Leaked IronMan 2 Footage – Behind the scenes Iron Man intensity! Add to that, paper plates and tennis balls.
Shooting space with a camera – you could launch yourself into the stratosphere… or use a small camera and some balloons.
DualTow NightEagle Watch – All about the development of the Christophe Claret NightEagle. with 582 parts and a belt-drive.


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