best-sci-fi-artIt was almost inevitable, but tree bark and buttons? Small woodland creatures don’t just gain the ability to mechanically modify their skeletal structure and innate jumping habits. It had to be these links.

Best Sci-Fi art of the YEAR – Besides yours of course, but this is pretty darn good too and it will make your friends go OOOoooo.
How to Win Any Job on eLance, oDesk, – Any Job? yes, any. And it mostly has to do with how cool your reply is.
70 Stunning Works of 3D Street Art – It’s a 3D Streety Friday and these will probably inspire some skepticism about what is actually reality.
MorphThing – jJust in time for the holidays. Morph your Child with a bunny and put it in a frame for Christmas. How thoughtful. – Sweet 3D? yes. Robots? Yes. Total Insanity? Definitely.
Workshop of the Future Contest – Make an Instructable, win Craftsman tools. You know that’s all you want under the tree. – Money and Finance made a little more fun. You might need this after buying way too many discounted Christmas ornaments.


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