I found it siftin’ through those leaves over there. Fearsome, don’t ya think? But also really cute and had these links attached to it’s hind quarters.

Alex Dragulescu – Seriously cool visualizations of information. Almost like throwing up very rigid, sometimes curly, objects.
5 Things to Build Your Personal Brand – Build what? Build you basically. Jump in and get some fibery brand-age.
12 Point for Your Design Contracts – if you’re a consultant or thinking about it, you’ll want a contract. This will help.
Electric Stimulus Face Dance – Hook your noggin up and flip the switch. Even more fun with three of your friends. Let’s dance.
Uncluttered Workspaces – Inspiring but at the same time you’re thinking nobody actually works there.
I Will Teach you to be Rich – A full chapter from the guy who does the blog by the same name. Does indeed look meaty.
Periodic Table of Typefaces – Why is this interesting to me? It’s geeky and would look great on the wall.

Bonus!Heavy Metal Monk – He will put the fear of God in you… in Italian. Definitely a contender for best gutturals in the 60+ category. dang.


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