I’d say you need to float at least two meters off the surface. Why? Let’s just say, teeth are not the only thing it uses. It has nine tentacles… and these links.

Post apocalyptic Tokyo – Who doesn’t like a scene of desolation and plant overgrowth. TokyoGenso gives you the future.
iPad apps for writers – Writing on the iPad is actually enjoyable. Here are your options. Use them wisely.
FontPark – Are there enough free font search sites? NO! With 70,000+ and preview, this is one of the best.
Origin of the Swiss Army Knife – 126 years. 28,000 made everyday. You probably have one. This is the story.
Physics of a Fighter Jet Rainbow – F-22. Mach 1. Sun. Rainbow. Why? Here’s what’s happening when you look up as a that F-22 blast over you.
Boolean Taxidermy – Using Kontaktschmelze (contact fusion) rendering method with sweet renderings and a sweet video telling all about it.
Infinity Mirror How To – Turn LED’s or yourself into a special effect people will be slapping both their knees over.


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