Well now! Lasers don’t burn bacon like that my good man! Unless you got laser shootin’ out of every pore of your body dangit! I suspects it’s got something to do with you and these links! Now get down!

Thomas Pringle – This is just the type of rugged sci-fi art, with a dash of ninja, one needs on a Friday.
11 Hidden Secrets in Fight Club – Fight Club? What Fight Club? I don’t know what you’re talking about… except now you do.
DIY Hand Sanitizer – No I don’t think he did… I didn’t hear the water turn on… he’s wiped the nose with the back of his hand.
Strawbale House Construction Timeline – Your dream can now become reality, all with a little help from Peter Maltzan and his strawbale house timeline.
Tie with Bottle Opener – I’d be wearing ties… on both arms and two around my neck. That’s not weird at all.
ODST Trailer – It’s coming. They’re coming. The new Halo game. Here’s the incredibly cool trailer. Soak it up.
Taxidermy Life – What’s it like? Much the same as regular life, but with large Moose heads everywhere you look. Not creepy… maybe a little.

Bonus! – Facebook Crack
How to Integrate Facebook with Wordpress – Integration!
5 Steps to Stay Safe on Facebook – Safety!
Facebook Mafia War Cheats – Cheating!


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