Yes, it’s all about proportion. You gotta have just the right amount of slap and the right amount of sizzle. Too much of one or the other and suddenly there are parasite infestations and mandatory curfews. These links are good examples.

Photoshop Grudge Brush set – Ya just can’t keep that design all clean looking. That is sick. Add some grit and grim with these fine Photoshop brushes.
Beautiful Disassembled Appliances – It’s amazing, but yes, a dismantled appliance can inspire you to layout all the parts in fancy, abstract ways.
Learn to Swim – What is water? How do I live safely amongst it’s molecules? This gives you the pointers to keep afloat.
80 How-to Sites You Can’t Live Without – Yes, there is only 80 fortunately. No time like the present to learn how to do something you don’t know how to do. Knock yourself out.


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