web-app-icons.jpgReally it’s as if everything just came to a stop and then it was like a DJ took over with all the scratchin’ and mixin’ and then I just coughed them right up, crazy paperclips.

Free Web App Icons – I know you don’t have enough for your web apps already, so here’s some more.
Dell Latitude Tablets – Those fancy Dell Tablets are now in the refurb section. Some are about $1000 off retail!
8 Things they never taught you about networking – Only 8? Directed at designers, but has good stuff anyone can take away and chew on.
FriendFeed – The latest piece of the social pizza pie. A central hub for all your sociality.
Do The Test – This takes less than 30 seconds. Can you pass it? I didn’t dangit. If you do tell me.
March Madness on Demand – Watch the NCAA tournament live, while your not working of course, cause that’s just bad.


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