It once tilted, down into the chasm where strange soups lie dormant, heated beneath a layer of membranous light, with nothing other than the blind, bearded settler to keep the roto-healm alive. It was quite there, and these links bubbled to the surface.

Kekai Kotaki – If there was ever someone that could inspire you with a Asuran necromancers and Charr Warriors, Kekai is the one.
Making money with Ponoko – Rockin! One account of how someone took an idea and turned it into profit using Ponoko.
How Allies used Math against German Tanks – An interesting look at using serial number interpolation to defeat your enemies.
Money Tree – So, what do you think would happen if you taped a hundred $1 bills to a tree on a busy street? Never woulda thought this.
50 timesavers for (web) designers – Mostly focused on web design, but tidbits that can apply to design of any type.
TRI▲NGLE – Motion graphics, music, sound… awesomeness. – Download a free .PSD file everyday… for a year. Very good .PSD files by the way.


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