Blown up bandages wrapped the wires and wimples of the war torn wasteland. It would indeed be a challenge to find. Bending back sheets of steel from the surface, he began. Days turned to months, months turned to years and one afternoon, a glow from the ground and the chest covered in the shadow of these links.

Fausto De Martini – Fausto is from Brazil, lives in California. He sketches amazing concepts and creates these 3D models.
Morning Routines – Apparently they are creativity killers. Here’s why and how to combat the repetition.
Camera Holster – You know you’ll be looking snazzy in this camera holster, even if you don’t have cameras.
Minimal Icons – Oh. glorious icons that be minimal. Here are 20 that will catch your fancy. Thanks Rod!!
Brock Berrigan – 11 tracks from the fabulous beat maker Brock Berrigan. Free t0 download and enjoy.
StormTrooper Hapiness – Ya know, Stormtroopers are people too, with families and feelings and love.
More Dropbox storage – Is your Dropbox all filled up? Here’s how to get 4.5GB more.
The German – British fighter pilot vs German Ace. This 10 minute shorts was done on zero budget for visual effects.


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