He’ll eat’em all and then just leave the crumbs… That’s when it happens. The crumbs turn into a giant ‘crumb monster’ and chase the cats and butter everything. Only way I can stop it is to distract them with this set of links!

Mike Mitchell – Little skull people on hummings birds. Birds with jetpacks? Yes, that’s the way we like it.
Ultimate Guide for Using WordPress as a Portfolio – It’s ultimate allright and downright choc full of ultimateness for you to finally start that portfolio.
WindoSiLL – Great fun. A Flash game worth the free version download for it’s strangeness and fun factor alone.
Google Public Data Search – Search stuff like Population and unemployment rate.
Turn Humdrum Photos into Incredible Portraits – Sure it makes the person look surreal in their environment, but surreal is typically better than ugly.
$400 per hour? with Pretzels? – Got any better ideas? I’m up for it, if you are. meet ya at the park.
30 second bunnies – You may have seen these, but they’re new ones.

Momentile – it’s invite only and I have a bunch left… comment at the bottom and I’ll send you one.


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