The soft grass wrapped itself around the barbs of the icy rock face. Peeled back, frozen stares of creatures chiseled in the sudden downpour of a frigid rain extended deep into the crystal space. The glow spilling forth from behind them revealed their possession–the preserved remains of their race embedded in the neck fat of these amazing links.

Josh Ln – From skeletal surveys of spacecraft to decommissioned anatomy charts of cyborgs, an array of art prints, stationary and yes, even throw pillows.
Automatic Toy Works – The 1882 spring edition, wonderfully amazing and amazing wonderful illustrations of wind-up, mechanical toys.
The Old Samurai – A visually stunning tale of old meeting young, remembering the past and falling on one’s sword.
Bootstrap – There are very few Wordpress frameworks worthy of having so many themes created off of it. Bootstrap is the one. Here are 80 themes.
Browser you love(d) to hate – Ya gotta give Microsoft credit. At least they can make fun of themselves and do it in a genuinely creative way, which reinforce the newness of IE.
Pure White Paper – The flexible sculptures of Li Hongbo. Thousands of layers of paper in shapes of skulls, busts and bodies. Be sure to watch the video.
Azureus Rising – Oldie but a goodie, and 3D World has a cool ‘making of’ that provides some more insight to the action packed short.


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