The tunnel stretched out before, unraveled in the morning light fraught with moss spores lifted by the rain. To think this was the last time she would see that light left a chill. Yet one hope remained. Where ever the tunnel led, she would hold in the vile, the essence of these links.

Simon Cheng – Battle mode. GO. You’ll not see such style and structure as Mr. Cheng’s monochromatic Mecha and Vehicle concept design.
False – What people say on Facebook… sounds nice, but it’s absolute rubbish. Eloquently delivered as only Rainn Wilson is able.
Jazz timeline – This Spotify app from Blue Note is not only an impressive app, but an incredible way to explore the many years of Jazz music.
Grounded – A different, more intimate, ethereal and emotional story tearing back the skin of traditional cg-infused science fiction.
You Monster – And then the rougher side of sci-fi, in this short animated interpretation of the classic Portal 2 scene.
Broken Flowers – There may be something more beautiful than flowers. Say, flowers frozen with liquid nitrogen then smashed?
Bacon Slam – I know, another Malarious episode, but this one comes with Nick Offerman offering up a poetic slam on everyone’s favorite topic, Bacon.


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