The paper’s edge curled, gray and glowing as it blended into the surrounding darkness. The seedpods were still intact, hanging, swinging gently, by the ropes that caught the light. That was the last memory, for once the last ember fell, the seedpods split open, the deafening shrieks echoed through the chamber and out flew these links.

Goni Montes – One of the best line art illustrators you’ll find with a blog thick with process work and back story that will keep you busy for hours.
Le Taxidermiste – A animated short on the ceremony for a taxidermist who has passed and how the old woman wishes to pay her last respects.
The island – Speaking of old people, here’s what’s causing them to live so long on a small island in the Agean sea. Tea, wine, coffee, naps.
Toys from Trash – “The best thing a child can do with a toy is break it!” and here is the massive amount of tutorials to make things afterwards.
Cooking oil – Four well explained steps about how to make your own cooking oil from black oil sunflower seed.
Pencil case – Impress your normal pencil case friends with this expensive Mackerel pencil case. 12 inches of fabric fish to unzip and store your rulers and writing tools.
SKisM – This is your brain on dubstep. A six week process of Photoshop, After Effects and compilation into Premiere.


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