photoshop fractal brushesIt use to be a nice modern-looking container, but after I filled it with those dragon babies, their intelligence about odd craft items to sell at wholesales prices helped me discover these links.

Photoshop Fractal Brushes Oh my eye. These fractals are hot and fractaly. Map and find running routes. Time to get all serious and social about running around your city.
Unfinished Swan – An upcoming game where in an entirely white world, where what you see is erily shown by your paintgun
Hard Times, More Zombies – Apparently a touch economy equals more zombie goodness. All the zombie movies ever made.
The Green City – Dubai = massive architecture. Here are some of the most astounding architectural proposals.
18 ways to live below your means – Not cause it’s fun, but because it’s smart… and it’s a whole lot easier not to.
How to Build a Wooden Storage Bench – You’ll never know when you need to build one. best that you learn right now to avoid any accidents.
SlideRocket – Create Presentations better than Powerpoint, online. Very slick. Will definitely make your meeting standout.


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