We wrapped the entrance in meat and fear, but that didn’t stop them, no. We heard the foot-steps… tiny… peculiar… footsteps, and when we turned, our minds we’re frozen by… these links.

Bradley W Schenck – The retro-future illustration of Mr. Schenck is a little bit Mucha, a little bit robot and a whole lot of awesome.
Grizzly Bear Ready Able – The official music video, or should we say the official way to make a freaky music video.
You Don’t Know Jack – YES. Love this game. Now you can school your friends with your knowledge of random facts.
Cats vs. Dogs – Really, the only thing we need to know is that dogs are cooler, cats smell. This explains.
Pursuit of Happiness – if there’s one thing more annoying that rollerbladers, it’s artsy rollerbladers. Thanks AnnieLZ!
Explore Mars – And this is a great example of a useful educational app. Explore Mars on your iPad in 3D.
Shoply – A place to start your own shop, online, for free. Slick interface and super easy to set it up. Go for it.


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