It all started with a pony. Two as a matter of fact. Then it got ugly, but also pretty, but mostly ugly. Out of nowheres the drones appeared, dropping these links all over the ponies. It was cruel.

Josh Nizzi – Ya know that Transformers Movie? The second one? Yeah, a lot of that, is this guy, Josh Nizzi.
District 9 Aliens Made in Modo – Wondering what the creatures and weapons from D9 were developed in? Here’s the scoop.
5 Advanced Photoshop Techniques – advanced, but also fairly simple. From buttons to 3D effects. Happy times for all.
Avatar HD – It’s James Cameron’s dream in HD comin’ atcha in IMAX 3D soon.
The Backflip Shoe – Had some. Broke both ankles at the same time. Before that, life of the party.
13 yr old Girl Plays Rush – If you haven’t seen Sara play this, you should. She might twhirl the sticks a bit much.
International SpaceStation Comes Together – it did actually and this is how it happened and how long it took.
Bad Design in Star Wars – 10 examples of why it only happens in movies.


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