When a swarm of chinchilla babies is seen floating through the air, the first thought is always to run. But few know, that running full speed toward them will form a magnetic field around yourself, lifting you from the ground to reveal these links.

Takanori Aiba – Takanori is a designer and illustrator creating complex three dimensional artwork that combines his passion for mazes, architecture and bonsai.
Erik Johansson – The surreal and sometimes stunning photo work of Erik Johansson. Thanks Danny Tas and daughter!
Relationship hack – Here’s a great concept to strengthen relationship and divvy up those tasks via Lifehacker. Work off the same to-do list. I’d add getting a sticker or something for the one who was done first.
1Password – A nice tool from Agilebits that helps you handle all of those passwords.
How to shoot great video of zoo animals – Who woulda thought all you need is a ‘crappy’ camera phone and a mirror. Time to go to the zoo.
Hipmunk – A wonderful new way to search for flights.
Inception Park – Another nice day in Buenos Aires and plenty of floating coasters to ride between the buildings and amongst the foliage.


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