The chalice maker inhaled the deep freezing air. Vegetation was sparse, but where the tentacles had bubbled up through the surface, an oddity took shape. They twisted about him, coating him with the warm goop of these links.

Denis Zilber – You’ve likely seen his art. Wonderful, playful character illustration that charms your imagination.
Fight of the Century – Keynes and Hayek are at it again in all their economically opposed glory. Missed the first one? See it here.
The speaker orchestra – Paint on horizontally mounted speakers. This is what happens. This is how it’s done.
Disassemble – The iconic disassembling, organization and disruption of our household items caught forever in time by Todd McLellan.
25 haunting shipwrecks – It’s like that grill you left out in the yard for years, except bigger and boaty.
Windows 7 Power User – The new, updated and free book from Mike Halsey.
Avalanche Cliff Jump – When skiing away from an avalanche (or creating one) best you have a parachute and a GoPro head-cam.


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