It quickly became evident where it was hiding. Nothing makes a noise like that. Not unless it’s been sprayed with 5 kinds of soup, put into a deep metal dish and sprinkled with these links.

Andreas Rocha – Slightly, just slightly epic in scale and composition.Wooded glens, mountainous landscapes and eerie environments.
17 Signs your freelance rates are too low – Good list, some kinda obvious. Another one might be, you eat broth for every meal.
20 Rockstar 3D modelers – Maybe you’ve been left off the list, but some great examples. Modeling is one thing, many do exceptional renderings as well.
A Stop Motion History of Stop Motion – Stop. You must see this. It’s short. maybe a little too short, but interesting nonetheless.
2,430 pieces of toast – Speaking of stop motion, the phenomenal OK Go, has a new video… using 2,430 pieces of toastiness.
Eating Burger King the Asian way – What? the? Words can not quite explain what is happening here.
Lying down game – I challenge you. “The more public the better, the more people the better.”


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