Rumbling amongst the bracken, the crumb bumble thatched. Never once had he seen such treasure, glistening off each branch. The dew and mist were gathered there and rising up like fog, the runners of the brackens reach, climbed up these silvery links.

Michael Kutsche – A subtle mix of comic, movie and Flemish renaissance painting revealed through the characters and environments. You’ll recognize some of his movie work. – Mix sounds, adjust levels, have fun, export and mix some more. This has been my daily background music for a week. Thanks Adam.
Itchy & Scratchy – How about every Itchy & Scratchy episode? Too violent? Not. at. all. Cat head on a stick.
Sand Paintings – Amazingly beautiful sand paintings created by San Francisco landscape artist Andres Amador.
Two ways to think about nothing – There’s nothing and then there’s nothing and there’s nothing you can do about it.
500,000 Hooks – If you think this seascape is made of oil paint,sweat and hammering a half million hooks into wood, you would be right.
Ruin – The perfect post-apocalyptic animated short to take you into the weekend.


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