So we wrapped it with tarps and a fair amount of steel cord. But, what we saw next peeled three sleepless nights off our eyes. The plastic tore, the cables snapped and these links started singing.

Jose Flores – Really, oil painting don’t get enough play. Jose mixes surreal and cool with just about anything you can imagine.
Lost explained – I don’t think the writers can even explain it, but they do a pretty good job keeping us entertained for 6 years. The answer is there is no answer.
Master Chief sings – Yes, he does, and the Halo star will teach you all the right tunes to woo your sweetheart too.
The Brainstormer – Andrew Bosley’s project to link objects, adjectives and conflict to aid your illustrative creations.
Lego Spider – A spider, a creepy looking tarantula made from all those antenna pieces. glowing eggs… in abdomen? YES.
Lego Click! – Lovely stop motion video that makes me teary-eyed thinking about shaving my mustache, oh and it’s got more Lego goodness.
the SUN – In these images, it looks a lot like those orbs you carry around.


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