I use to say, “Toast it crispy and cover it with jam!” about everything. It got to be annoying to some. Why, one day I woke up toasted to a fine crisp, covered with jam, being nibbled on by these here links.

Lake Hurwitz – Illustration and concept art with a knack for creature, tech and characters and strange worlds, plus great style.
Sharpie Liquid pencil – You can now shoot liquid graphite into your eye, instead of stabbing it in. In stores September 2010.
Bacon Bits – The ultimate infographic on… bacon… should be printed on bacon with bacon ink.
Missing Star Wars Light Saber Scene – It was shown at Star Wars Celebration V. The crowd goes wild.
Visualizing Wikileaks – whether it was right or wrong, visualizing the Afgan war data is interesting, if for nothing else to see where the action was.
Healthy Seafood Guide – Here’s something to take all the fun out of ingesting all the sea creatures you crave. Drop that can of tuna.
Magnet Man – A slick design to hold your keys or your metal teeth… or both.


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