Boxing through the slow rise of the dawn, of whipped beetle shells and mud piles, light drenched daisy chains of mist-covered machines and misfired casings. Of these, there was but one and, the one he was, brought the grind and haunt, the terror and taunt, which grew these vicious links.

Greg Fromenteau – From ships and scimitars to intense landscapes and the gazing stare of characters, Greg F brings technical brilliance and an eye for lighting.
R’ha – This. This is wonderful. This is Kaleb Lechowski’s phenomenal short that pits machine against biological with an end that will remind you to blow things up before leaving your captor.
Paper Windows – Intricately cut, ‘stained glass’ paper windows created by Eric Standley from hundreds of layered colored paper.
Best Web Fonts – Google web fonts are just so fun, but what do they all look like and what are the options for each? This site shows you.
Economic Freeedom – An interactive ranking and comparison of economic freedom in countries around the world.
Simple – A fabulous finance tool with an equally fabulous app for tracking, paying and setting goals. Invite only but definitely worth the wait.
Vintage Action – If you love the Retro/vintage look on photos, these Photoshop actions are a must have. 30 in total.
Flux – Robots enjoy a quick pick-up game of competitive soccer playing.


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