The field vibrated. When the trees erupt from the soil… that will be my chance, he thought. Once was all it took. The ground split with a thousand mangled roots tumbling across each other. He leapt, unsheathed his swords and in a single, fluid motion cut the rootball off of these links.

Karen Jacobs – Something more refined this week and also abstract and also awesome. Layers of acrylic inspired by trees and light.
CanvasLoader – Ever needed to create a loader for a website? This is what makes it easy.
San Diego Comi-Con Gallery – If you’re into comics, and even more if you’re into cosplay.
Star Wars deleted scenes – Star Wars deleted scenes! Star Wars deleted scenes! Star Wars deleted scenes!! STAR WARS DELETED SCEEEEEEEENES!!!1
Coolender – How about a better way to keep track of tasks you’ll put off anyway. Uses lists and awesomeness to organize your life.
Guitar Oscillations – The waveforms created by a guitar as seen from an iPhone from within the guitar. Thanks Charles!
Sayanora – Sketching + 3D = Beautiful animation. Two friends saying goodbye. Don’t cry.


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