photoshop-express.jpgDwindling squirrel population? I thought. These people want to take all my acorns and squirrel babies and leave me with these wretched links.

Photoshop Express – It’s finally here, edit photos online. Not as good as the real thing but tuning and some filters.
TimeMachiner – Send Emails to the future. Remind yourself of what you wanted to do in life 10 years from now. creepy.
Scrapblog – Create a scrapbook of memorable memories… online. How much easier does it get?
Redfin – Hello housing crunch. Meet my online home brokerage friend that will help me sell. Limited cities right now though.
Quamut – Really cool how-to’s quick charts on the cheap. 3 bucks a pop and a free one everyday.
Hottest Cars of 2008? – what do you think the are. Number one is a Nissan. Check it.


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