When you tug on something that hard, something is bound to happen. It’s just odd that it happen to be that much bacon, a can of Sprite and these interesting links.

30 Inspiring Type Treatments – Cause I like typography and you should too. layout, form, design, feeling
30 Ways to Die of Electrocution – You should be careful, no really, you should. ooohhh. see, that’s unfortunate.
Popular Science – How about every issue of Popular Science back to 1870 online? or maybe Dwell or Mountain Bike. Sweet.
LeWeb wrap-up – The latest web tech wrapped-up in fine TechCrunch style.
Most Popular Desktops 2008 – The best Desktop mods to sacrifice your monitor to. Comments from co-worker not included.
Robot Quiz – how much do you know about robots? Not as much as the ones planning the takeover I’m sure.
Notify.me – Let’s you keep track of stuff on websites that don’t let you keep track of stuff. handy.


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