Surfacing from the lower board of the lower pier at the lower end of south street, the small barnacle caught a glint of sunshine in the green light of the misty afternoon. Low the tide had been for many a year, lower still on that fateful day. A day when barnacles touched the air and formed a impenetrable cocoon around these links.

Jeremy Cook – There’s no doubt you’ve seen his work. From concept to full movie matte and modeling, ships, bots, machines and incredible landscapes.
This is Shanghai – In the course of 30 years, Shanghai went from zero skyskrapers to over 4,000. A very unique exploration of the city from Rob Whitworth and JT Singh.
Fallen tree – If you have an appreciation for trees, wood seating and unique furniture pieces, it doesn’t get any better than this stylish bench.
Winerist – Why pretend to travel across land and sea to great wineries around the world and instead, use this site/app to plan your trip.
Question block lampBlang. Blang. There’s no question about it. This is a must have for any office space or game room. Such a cool product.
Sound Poster 1.0 – It’s a poster made with conductive paint. You touch it, it makes noise, beautiful noise that is also grating on the ear drums.
Grunge Textures – Can we get enough of them? No, no we can not. One of the best textures packs we’ve seen. Thanks Rod!!
MIWDTD – Don’t show your daughter this Pinterest board. Well, do and make fun of the photos as Tiffany Beveridge does so well.
Macro Experiments – A masterful visual experience of macro shots–a baby mantis, a bee, a dragonfly–filmed and composed by Mohamed Tahiri with music by Eskamon.


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