Their arms were the strange parts. Each one of them filled with orifices shielded by an impermeable membrane. It all seemed safe, their emotionless faces even seemed somewhat welcoming, as if to say, “Don’t worry, if you come within five feet of us, our arm orifices will not open and blast you in the chest with these links.”

Andre Wallin – You have most likely seen his work, or the result of his concept work. He has the uncanny ability to embed the visuals deep within your cerebral cortex.
Lasercut decks – Magnetic Kitchen makes beautiful lasercut/laser engraved products. These are a series of skateboard decks. View the detail shots.
Snoozing – Should the snooze button be used? You’re doing it all wrong apparently. This explains why it should not.
Cannes – Interesting story behind the graphics for the 2013 Cannes Film Festival. Newman, Woodward by the Bronx agency.
Robotic Lego Band – Lego Bionicles, a drum pad, some arduinos and a midi sequencer, Giuseppe Acito brings the beat. Action picks up at 0:57. Thanks Duncan!
Googly eyes – What happens when some innocent fun goes horrible wrong? GOOGLY EYES. The horror!!! The horrible HORROR!!!
Visual Periodic table – A very cool interactive Periodic table of the elements with history of each, related alchemy history and more.
Invisible friend – Will you take a photo of me and my buddy? People react to the ‘magic’ of Rajat.
Cityscapes – A beautiful ride through the open, retro-future desert on a shiny, silver road, with 1980’s electronica playing in the background.


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