magnus-kjall-illustrationOh yeah, that thing can move this way and that like a caffeine addicted bat, but you take away the music and it’s all just a sad story about a orphaned Chiroptera that lost his way, that is, until these links came along.

Magnus Kjäll Illustration – A lot of 3D, a lot of layers and one of my favorite types of illustration that just mashes everything together.
The Ultimate Productivity Toolbox – Excellent picks. I’d choose XnView over IrfanView and WebAsyt over BaseCamp though.
HD TV Media Player – Tiny. Awesome. Plug in your USB and play HD. pick one up for $100 at BestBuy. Thanks Rod!
Google Gadgets/Remember the Milk – I forgot to list the Google Gadget last week, but the new RTM gadget makes the new gadgets for your Gmail even cooler.
Gears of War 2 Biggest Surprises – Xbox 360 third-person shooter goodness. It’s out soon and here’s the scoop on what will make your mouth drop.
Free Vector Illustration – Like inspiring examples of vectorized artwork? This weeks free vector illustration at is very cool indeed.
CoffeeShop Free Photoshop Actions – I can’t jump into the weekend without telling you about some of the best, free photo actions available.


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