Large balls of fire shot down from the catapult batteries. No one had noticed, but it seemed as though anything that came within a 500 foot proximity of the keep’s wall immediately became liquid, ignited by the faintest light. Out of it’s depths shown two wee, beady eyes, beaming with the strength of a million suns and these links.

Bruno Gentile – If you’ve played games like Prince of Persia or Far Cry II, you’ve probably wept seeing the visuals. This is the guy that does (some of) them.
Chimps vs Humans – Short term memory? Compared to chimps, we don’t have any. Thanks Daniel!
Please poach me – Looking for a job, unhappy about the dank coffee and bad lighting. Have someone poach you.
Alpine coasting – A single pipe, you gliding down it, no brakes. Oh yeah, this is in the mountains, going down the mountain… all of it.
Giant Tesla Coil – Two ten story Tesla coils shooting electrical arcs across the sky. What I’ve always wanted atop my home or each shoulder.
Pepper spraying cop – Spraying innocent young college protesters. Who would do such a thing. This is that guy in various pepper spraying situations. hilarious.


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