The herder stooped down to pick the violet. There were millions. But, what was this? He looked closer… and closer. These were not violets. What he had plucked from the earth was a small purple goat. It looked at him with its beady eyes and said, “These links, they are delicious.”

Orlando Aquije Abarca – Thick, beautiful vector art that makes a person’s face look more real that their real face. A splash of typeface too.
MoviePass – Movie theater by the month. All you can see for $50 and maybe even free movies for a year. Get on early before it goes national.
What do you love? – Just one of many new things Google pushed out over the week. Type what you love and get a mashup of Google in your browser.
Slow motion Cymbal crash – 1,000 frames per second. Also much like what my face looks like after being hit with a stick. More at
Window to the World – A vehicle concept which adds an interactive interface to the window. Genius. Why this hasn’t been done yet is beyond me.
MyGarden – Manage your garden online… you know, instead of actually getting out in your garden and managing it.
PhotoCollect – If you tear up after a trip because you don’t have ALL the photos taken by EVERYONE, this site is for you. – We’re not ones to perpetuate checking Facebook while working (yes we are), but this puts your feed into a corporatey looking spreadsheet.


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