It happened when I cranked it down as far as it would go, but you’d never expect baby rhinos to come out and start gnawin’ on your wrists. Musta been these links that riled ’em up.

Frederic St-Arnaud – Say it with me, photo-realistic matte art. This is beauty which incredible films and illustration are made of.
Lost season 6 catch-up – Lost: Season 6 started this week. Here’s seasons 1-5 in 9 minutes.
3D Wallpapers – You know we love our 3D wallpaper. We stick it on our faces. Here’s some spectaculars.
Motion graphics created with programming – Better than wadding up a C++ mid-term and throwing it at the professor, plus a bunch of resources to do it yourself.
Make Business Cards – Unique business cards are a glorious thing to behold. Here are a few to get you inspired to make your own.
LED sculpture – a bit older, but also a bit brilliant. One day entire walls will be made like this and we will likely be quite dizzy.
Knock off Wood – Learn to build furniture knock-offs, step-by-step and video.

Bonus! LEARN – Learn to draw… online. – Learn to Chemistry… online.


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